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C&O Canal Trail & Great Allegheny Passage Comments
Trail updated on the c&o page

Hi, I am planning to bike the c&o next weekend and I just noteced that the alerts from Happers Ferry to Brownswick and from Brownswick to Point of Rock are gone from the C&O webpage. Can anyone please update us on the new condition of the c&o trail. Thanks
posted Jun 25 2018 10:58AM - Martha, Wash DC

Yes, an update would be great. I am coming up from Charlotte and will be riding from DC to Pittsburgh
posted Jun 27 2018 7:03AM - Gary, Charlotte, NC

Just finished the GAP/C&O last week. The C&O was muddy, not impassable but close. We ignored the baracades and closure signs and trudged on thru sometimes in ankle deep mud, one section being close to a mile. Wish I could remember where that section was but can't recall, between Hancock and Harpers Ferry I think. There's a bridge out just east of Brunswick. We made our way up onto the railroad tracks and walked about a mile before finding a decent place to cross back down on to the towpath. Most trees were cleared, only three or four times did we have to dismount and crawl our way over a tree. There were crews cleaning up the mess but I will say that it'll be some time before the deeper areas of mud will be solid enough to ride thru. Just be prepared to do a little walking and don't be afraid of getting dirty/muddy. We took to hardsurface roads for about 5-6 miles close to Sharpsburg. Don't know if we saved any time or not since the detour added a couple of miles. I think we needed a break from wading thru the muck. Anyway, it was indeed an adventure, fun but muddy. I say go for it! Hope this helps.
posted Jun 28 2018 7:49AM - Stephen, Jamestown,NC

Walked on the railroad tracks????? That seems very dangerous. Those Brunswick trains run frequently.
posted Jun 28 2018 8:12AM - JK

We encountered rough conditions. GAP is perfect, but C&O after Williamsport is very rough and closed in Brunswick. We absolutely did not take the tracks because the amtraks are fast and we have a toddler with us. There were also reports of rangers turning people away that were trying to take the tracks. We used this awesome guy Greg as a shuttle. He runs 2 Wheel Escapes, has a huge trailer, and gave us an excellent price. He is super awesome and friendly and fair. We felt like some of the other shuttles were expensive and taking advantage of the trail conditions and overcharging. Call Greg! 240-674-7626
posted Jun 28 2018 9:38AM - SVW, Asheville, NC

whats the average these shuttles charge?
posted Jun 28 2018 1:10PM - Anna, NYC

I am concerning with little Oleans and Williamsport area of the canal, how bad are these areas? Can I stay on the canal or do I have to get out of the canal?
posted Jun 28 2018 2:05PM - Martha, Was DC

Gary in Charlotte, do you want a passenger for gas contribution? I need to check on my property up there.
posted Jun 28 2018 6:51PM - Eileen, Charlotte

re: type of bike
Two of us rode gravel bikes, road bikes with disc brakes and knobby tires. 35-38mm tires. with panniers, frame packs. One of us rode a dual sport, hybrid/mtb cross and it worked ok but by the end of the trip he was wishing he had brought a gravel bike. Main thing are tires. Wide is good but not too wide. 35-45cm wide is ideal IMO.
posted Jun 28 2018 9:28PM - Stephen, Jmaestown,NC

re: train tracks
Yea, we weren't all hyped about walking the rails. Fast trains plus it's illegal. Fortunately we had no issues. I'll admit it took all three of us to get the bikes up and down the steep embankments along the railbeds.
It was an adventure!
posted Jun 28 2018 9:40PM - Stephen, Jamestown,NC

Eileen - I am leaving CLT Saturday AM and driving to Connellsville, PA. Always nice to have someone to talk to on 7 hour drive.
posted Jun 29 2018 8:50AM - Gary, Charlotte

I just finished cycling the c&o trail. The trail is in very bad condition and the detours kept pulling up. There are now 2 detours near Williamsport that are all hills. The mud still on the trail and people still falling from their bikes. The trail is full of potholes and trees still down. I got many help from many Samaritans on trail and they were all specials. I had a lot fun riding the c&o but I hope I don’t need to make this ride again. But, if you want to try go for it!??????
posted Jul 5 2018 1:22PM - Ivonete, DC

Currently in Cumberland debating tackling the C&O trail tomorrow morning but getting mixed reviews of trail conditions. Ivonete, honestly how bad was it?
posted Jul 6 2018 7:51PM - JD


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